01 - 01 jan. Film i all sjangre med vitenskap i fokus

Beauty in Numbers

Beauty In Numbers is my exam project at Bergen Academy of Arts and Design, in the field of Visual Communication. The film explores the mysteries of the endless number pi. Using mathematical concepts as inspiration, the film takes the viewer on a mathematical journey showing where the infamous number appears in nature. The film explores pi by visualizing the endless number in different ways. In some scenes, each digit is represented as dots, each dot assigned its own color and size based on the value of the digit it represents. The soundtrack is composed by Jim Zamerski, and is based on the number pi in a base 12 system. Listen to more of his music here: theancientmelodies.com
Regissør Rebecka Taule I 2016 gikk hun ut med bachelorgrad i Visuell kommunikasjon ved Kunst- og Designhøgskolen i Bergen. Hennes portfolioside med et lite utvalg av arbeid er å finne på: retaule.no/

Produced by
Rebecka Taule

Music by
Jim Zamerski