01 - 01 jan. Film i all sjangre med vitenskap i fokus

News from home?

A short film created as a part of Christopher Caleb Hansens master's project entitled Life On Mars: The Great Indoors. This project speculates on a fictitious scenario within the future context of the human colonisation of Mars, using design fiction as a tool to understand the complex issues of human society and being human.  

On Mars the climate is harsh, there is a lack of atmosphere and the air is unbreathable. We can get as close as we want, but we will never experience the great outdoors. Paradoxically, exploring the martian landscape will become an intimate matter of being inside the microspace of a suit and helmet. On the other end of the scale our living environments will be strange inside spaces that recreate the natural outside landscapes of Earth. There is only inside for us.

Set in my own fictional narrative, the new world is seen through the perspective of a newly immigrated human from Earth to Mars. This persons experiences give us an idea of what life might be like. We follow thoughts, views and memories through the format of messages sent back to Earth.

Whether or not humans on Mars will remain fiction or became a reality is unknown for now, but the longstanding relationship between science fiction and design has influenced our reality for decades. Will our children be humans or will they be martians?



Regissør : Christopher Caleb Hansen holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the Architectural Institute in Prague and recently recieved a Masters of Design from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The film News from Home? is a component of his masters thesis, which recieved an Award of Excellence from KHIO in the spring of 2017.