01 - 01 jan. Film i all sjangre med vitenskap i fokus


A secretive young woman listens to mysterious noise alone in her room - until she inadvertantly lets her brash flatmate into her life.

The noise that appears in the film is actual noise recorded from space by satellites orbiting earth - provided by researchers at Queen Mary's University in London, UK.

NOISE was original created for a competition held by Queen Mary’s University London: researchers had recorded noises from satellites orbiting earth - they wanted to see how film-makers could incorporate these noises into film.

NOISE won this competition by incorporating the raw sound files recorded from space into the narrative of the story itself, but without making the noises the main thrust of the story.

By doing this, NOISE manages to intrigue the audience through the onscreen characters, but leave audiences actually knowing more real science about our world.


Written and Direct by

Ali Jennings

Produced by

Ali Jennings & Florence Schechter

Key Cast

Jess Hammett & Tony Clark