01 - 01 jan. Film i all sjangre med vitenskap i fokus


Panacee tells the story of two explorers finding a lost beacon on an isolated planet.


Written, directed and animated by

Jules Boulain-Adenis (Naleb)

Original music composed by

FLAGALOVA (Silvere MAINFROY) https://soundcloud.com/flagalova & Naleb

Sound Design/Mix by

Guillaume David

Director's Bio

I'm Jules Boulain-Adenis aka Naleb, graduated from EMCA in june 2017, I've always been trying to create a graphic and narrative universe in which I could tell stories. Animation is one of the best mediums to do so.

I've always been inspired by the wonderful and riches environment from Moebius and Miyazaki's pieces, but also by the aesthetic in the mid 80's movies and comics like Blade Runner or Nausicaa.
Panacee is a sort of hommage to these masterpieces.