01 - 01 jan. Film i all sjangre med vitenskap i fokus

An engaging portrait of the turbulent life of one of history’s most celebrated scientists, Marie Noëlle’s stellar drama depicts the challenges and condescending societal attitudes faced by a woman in a male-dominated field. Noëlle gained access to the Nobel winner’s original diaries (which still bear traces of radiation) in preparation for the film. The result is an impressionistic biopic that draws the viewer into Curie’s subjective experiences through painterly cinematography, sumptuous period design, and an exquisite original score.

Language: French with English Subtitles



Music: Bruno Coulais
Producers: Marie Noëlle, Mikolaj Pokromski, Ralf Zimmermann

Cast: Karolina Gruszka, Arieh Worthalter, Charles Berling